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Image: Mr Impossible Packshot

Seminal NYC based art punk DIY enthusiasts / purists, BLACK DICE have returned with their sixth studio album MR. IMPOSSIBLE to be released April 10th on Ribbon Music. The nine song album combines 15 years of collaboration into one explosive electronic breakout monster mash. Over the course of their career Black Dice have refined a compositional palate that is entirely their own. Inspired by the banged up punk gallery art ethos of Men's Recovery Project, The Seeds  and their own live shows Black Dice have arrived with the creation of Mr. Impossible. A being unto itself. Bridging a divide between the thrashings of punk and trance music, Mr. Impossible takes itself serious, breathes with melody and revels in a let loose , wild out , fuck off good time. Sound nuts? Well, it's not. This is easy to enjoy fun for all frontier music! Get on it.

  • 01. Pinball Wizard
  • 02. Rodriguez
  • 03. The Jacker
  • 04. Pigs
  • 05. Spy Vs. Spy
  • 06. Outer Body Drifter
  • 07. Shithouse Drifter
  • 08. Carnitas
  • 09. Brunswick Sludge (Meets Front Range Tripper)

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